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Message by Chairman

I am really thankful to Allah, the Almighty, that He selected me to serve in the field of education and
guided me at each and every step in the establishment of Noor School & College Mansehra. I welcome all
who have joined or will join Noor School & College Mansehra in any capacity.
I would also like to use this space to share the vision of Noor School & College with you. The worst
darkness in the world is the darkness of mind or ignorance. To remove this darkness, we strongly need the
light of knowledge. The same thought was working behind naming this institute as Noor School & College
Mansehra because Noor means light and definitely there is no light brighter than the light of knowledge.
The same light of knowledge is needed by our whole nation which may illuminate our dark ways and set us
in the right direction. I wish the students of Noor School & College Mansehra, their parents, their teachers,
the administration and each member of Noor to join hands in the fight against the darkness of ignorance
and become symbols of light, the guiding stars and the torch bearers, serving and guiding the whole nation
according to the motto of Noor School & College Mansehra
“Spreading the Light of Knowledge”
I would really like to appreciate the brilliant performances of my students who have made Noor
very much proud of them, not only by winning top positions and gold medals in Abbottabad Board and
Hazara University but also for showing great skills and improvement on Montessori and school level. I
expect to see my students one step ahead each new day.
May Allah help Noor School and College in spreading the light of knowledge!

Dr. Malik Abdush Shakoor

Bypass Balakot Road Mansehra info.noorcollege@gmail.com +997-391010